ISO 9001:2015

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TRENDCHEM is concerned with providing services which satisfy expectations and the needs of our customers in compliance with the law.
TRENDCHEM, with its qualified employees, has significant experience in delivering raw materials and reagents for various branches of industry.
With a view to furthering development of the company, we aim not only for permanent increase of sales on the domestic and international markets, but also to strengthen our market position and to obtain our customer`s trust.
We wish to consolidate the image of TRENDCHEM as one of integrity, reliability and concerned about our partner`s interests.
We realise that the abovementioned intentions correlate with delivering prompt and complex services of a very high standard.
The primary aim of TRENDCHEM is to assure our present and future customers that the services and goods offered meet their demands and expectations.

Accordingly, we adhere to the following:

● Reviewing and improving quality management systems.

● Constantly perfecting the standard of products offered.

● Providing high grade products.

● Preventing mistakes and mitigating claims.

● Continuously upgrading the skills and competencies of our employees.

● Commitment in quality matters on the part of our employees.

● Advocating responsibility not only for the quality of work, but also for the quality of services offered.

● Recognising, that adherence to this quality policy ensures the success of our company.

● Assuring our pursuit in providing high level services meet the constant demands of customers, and committing to abide by Quality Management System standards in accordance with ISO 9001 norms.

The management of TRENDCHEM declares that all employees understand, accept and enforce the provisions of the policy presented above.



The aim of TRENDCHEM's Environmental Policy is to the minimize negative influence on the environment.

We declare and oblige to:
● Fulfill and abide by environmental protection legislative requirements.
● Supply products which do not have extensive influence on the environment and are safe when use as intended.
● Provide clients with information about safety usage, transport, storage and disposal of the supplied products.
● Use electricity and other sources of energy rationally.
● Rationally manage water as a precious natural resource.
● Implement all requirements of usage of the environment which are connected with the activities of the company.
● Minimize generation of waste by using reusable packaging.
● Place on the market products in packaging which can be recycled.
● Dispose of generated waste in a safe and responsible way.
● Make efforts to prevent emergency situations having a negative impact on the environment.
● Educate, train and motivate all employees to perform their obligations In a responsible way with the environment in mind.
● Constantly improve this Environmental Policy.

The management and employees of the company are familiar with this Policy and commit to its implementation by setting and accomplishing the tasks and objectives above.

What is REACH?

Reach is the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council concerning the safe use of chemicals through their Registration, Evaluation, and in some cases, the Authorization and Restriction of trade and uses of certain substances. It was implemented on 1st June 2007.


The Reach Regulation changes the situation of chemicals control in EU. It contains a number of changes aimed to improving management and chemicals trade control in the EU.


Primary goals of the system established by Reach Regulation:

● Protection of human health and environment

● Ensuring a high level of safety in the workplace

● Maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of the European chemical industry

● Minimizing testing on vertebrate animals

Regardless of the  role we play in the supply chain, we obey all obligations imposed on us by the Reach Regulation, making sure that the raw materials supplied by us comply with the law  regulations and are at very good quality.